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Ben Jones has been a bike messenger, a roadie, a victim of a shooting, a DJ, an art buyer, a flyposterer, an urban artist, and a recording artist. Not to mention a left back, a center back, a right back, a goalkeeper, a striker and an opening batsman, as well as a creative director, a father, an uncle, a godfather and a best man. He’s been on Newsnight, News at Ten, Newsroom South East and on the Eurostar with 50 Cent. He has now finally settled on being a director and he is very happy.

A director’s director, music and film connoisseur, master raconteur, absolute gent and constant inspiration – Soup Factory is extremely proud to count the mighty Ben Jones amongst our number.

Directory includes:

  • Reebok ~ April Fool
  • M&M’s
  • Coca Cola ~ Celebration
  • The Streets Ft. Pro Green ~ When You Wasn’t Famous
  • Oasis ~ The Masterplan
  • Paul Weller ~ Drifters