Andy Soup

andy-soup_onFounder of Soup Factory, Mr. Andy Soup is known for making consistently original and outlandish music videos. Often noted for their elaborate art direction, Mr Soup’s videos are the undefeated and unchallenged rulers of the strange league.

Andy’s most recent genre-defining masterpiece – ‘Put A Donk On It’ by Bolton rappers Blackout Crew – was named the Guardian guide’s favourite piece media from the whole of 2009.

Selected in the Best New Director category at the CADS (music video industry awards) in 2005 and twice nominated for Video Of The Year at the Q Magazine awards, Andy is regarded as one of the industry’s mavericks. When not flying around the planet making music videos, Andy can normally be found in his shed making music documentaries, commercials or TV shows.

Andy’s client list includes: The Streets, The Zutons, The Scissor Sisters, Basement Jaxx, Dannii Minogue, BBC, C4, Dell, Cinzano, Agent Provocateur and VBS/Vice Magazine.

Andy’s list includes:

  • Scissor Sisters – Don’t Feel Like Dancing
  • Agent Provocateur – Season Of The Witch
  • The Streets – Could Be Well In
  • Cinzano – Mix A Smile
  • Basement Jaxx ~ Feelings Gone
  • Blackout Crew – Put A Donk On It