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Ben Jones has been a bike messenger, a roadie, a victim of a shooting, a DJ, an art buyer, a flyposterer, an urban artist, and a recording artist. Not to mention a left back, a center back, a right back, a goalkeeper, a striker and an opening batsman, as well as a creative director, a father, an uncle, a godfather and a best man. He’s been on Newsnight, News at Ten, Newsroom South East and on the Eurostar with 50 Cent. He has now finally settled on being a director and he is very happy.

A director’s director, music and film connoisseur, master raconteur, absolute gent and constant inspiration – Soup Factory is extremely proud to count the mighty Ben Jones amongst our number.

Directory includes:

  • Reebok ~ April Fool
  • M&M’s
  • Coca Cola ~ Celebration
  • The Streets Ft. Pro Green ~ When You Wasn’t Famous
  • Oasis ~ The Masterplan
  • Paul Weller ~ Drifters




Dan Henshaw

dan-henshaw_onMancunian Dan Henshaw is an award-winning director of discretion and panache. A rock n’ roll insider, Dan works across various platforms including TV, music videos, commercials and digital content.

Dan’s client list includes: Calvin Harris, Paulo Nutini, Kasabian, The Manic Street Preachers, Umbro, Virgin and Sony.

Other Collection:

  • The View – Temptation Dice
  • Roll Deep – Heat Up
  • The View – Superstar Tradesman
  • Umbro / Kasabian – Football Hero
  • Kano – Signs In Life
  • Paolo Nutini – Coming up Easy



Pop Tarts

pop-tarts_onPop Tarts is the banner under which our directors channel their glossy, pop sensibilities into inventive, visually compelling spots for artists from Dannii Minogue to Ultra Beat.

Pop Tarts Directory:

  • Paul Weller ~ Dangerous Age
  • Kirsty Almedia ~ Spider
  • Swingfly – Singing That Melody
  • Ultra Beat – Never Ever
  • Dannii Minogue – Touch Me Like That
  • Blackout Crew – Dialed



In its most basic essence, 3Dmania is a stereo3D company, but really it’s a lot more than that! Having worked with Soup Factory creator Andy Soup on his intergalactic Venga Boys 3D video, the 3Dmania boys are proud to be on board to handle all of Soup Factory’s 3D needs.

3d_onThese 3D, tech-savvy maniacs know everything you need to know to get the best out the stereoscopic 3D format, offering guidance from the script writing stage, through to shot selection, and they can even give you learned guidance for budgeting to ensure your 3D shoot goes as smoothly as possible with no unwanted surprises. They have a huge range of equipment to fit your specific needs, as well as 3D savvy camera crew and technicians.

As well as full 3D Consulting and full 3D post-production services, 3Dmania also provides full service production services across continental Europe (main offices in Barcelona, Paris and Milan) as well as worldwide (Asia, Africa, North and South America…).

The guys have worked on projects of all shapes and sizes, from movies and commercials, through to documentaries and music videos, to corporate films and huge live events. And if you think you can’t shoot in 3D because you don’t have the budget, think again! 3Dmania has helped on projects that would never have been made if it weren’t for their clever use of the limited funds available to make it work in 3D.

Please get in touch for a full stereo3D viewing of their work.




tundra_onThe beautiful partnership of Scandinavian/French/Italian/English filmmakers, animators, graphic and web designers that call themselves TUNDRA* are unparalleled for their creativity, productivity and sheer brilliance. Soup Factory is extremely proud to represent them for music videos and commercials.

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Tundra’s client list includes ITV, Nokia, Nissan, LG, eBay, Nike, Robbie Williams, Kasabian, Jamairoquai and The Arctic Monkeys. For the last few months TUNDRA* have been in the lab working hard on sequences for the new Monty Python film- A Liars Autobiography which will be released in cinemas in 2012 in stereoscopic 3D. Exciting times indeed!

Tundra’s List:

  • ITV3 Idents – Story Collections
  • Doctor P – Galaxies & Stars
  • Tundra Montage 2011
  • eBay – Wonderful Wrapping
  • Iceland
  • Nissan – GTR Evolution


Jimi Crayon

jimi-crayon_onTo say ‘Crayon’ is like saying ‘Warhol’ Thirty years ago.

Jimi Crayon is Banksy fused with A$AP times about 20 and with added sexy.

Jimi is the dope shit. No playing. Just saying.

Last week Jimi had releations with several supermodels, had lunch with Harvy Weinstein and his artwork illuminated Times Square when it was illumated in 50 storey-high video screens to launch Microsoft’s new paing App.

Now THAT’S what I’m talking about when I talk about a World Class Playuh.

Want to talk to Jimi? Call Jade, her number is on the contacts page. She is Jimi’s full-time commercial agent.

Jimi Crayon Collection:

  • Ny ~ Music
  • Beardyman ft Foreign Beggars ~ OH
  • Graffiti 6 ~ Stare Into The Sun
  • Devlin ~ Our Father
  • Pirates ~ We Are Pirates We Like Colour


beetroot_onBEETROOT Most popular listings:

  • Umbro / Kasabian ~ Football Hero
  • Video Making Of – Natalia ‘That Girl’
  • Adidas – J2K
  • Hedkandi – The Remix
  • Oh, Tatiana! – Reality TV Show


David M. Helman

david-m-helman_onUnbelieveably, David M. Helman is only 24. Since the age of 17 he has been cranking out a steady stream of stunning films, shorts and music videos. He is based in a dirty beach town in Southern California and is now ready to explode onto the world stage. Check out the fruits of his labours here for a glimpse of what a future star’s work looks like.

A visionary talent, Soup Factory is delighted to represent David for commercials and music videos.

Which includes:

  • Joey Bada$$ Ft. Chuck Strangers – Fromdatomb$
  • ScHoolboy Q ~ There He Go
  • Sunni Colon ~ Lost Tribe
  • Blu ~ DOINNOTHIN’ Ft. UGOD Produced by Flying Lotus






Bristol based Ruffmercy is an animation extraordinaire. He produces amazing original work along with various tasty collaboration projects.

A list of RUFFMERCY projects:

  • Blue Daisy Presents Dahlia Black – Fuck A Rap Song
  • RUFFMERCY ~ Showreel 2012
  • House Shoes ft. Danny Brown – Sweet



Jake Harmer

jake-harmer_onJake Harmer has been directing and editing his gorgeous fashion films for a couple of years now. Jake has a God-given eye for beauty and is able to draw great performance from his actors. His knack for creating and capturing ethereal atmospheres in his films is another of the many talents that set him apart from the crowd.

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In the past year Jake has directed films for clients including Vivienne Westwood, Banana Republic and Penguin.

Jake Harmer’s Collection:

  • Illamasqua ~ Powder Metal Tutorial
  • Banana Republic – Love Epanouir
  • Vivienne Westwood for Glass Magazine – Hotel Dystopie
  • The Pierces – We Are Stars
  • Peace ~ Follow Baby