Jimi Crayon

jimi-crayon_onTo say ‘Crayon’ is like saying ‘Warhol’ Thirty years ago.

Jimi Crayon is Banksy fused with A$AP times about 20 and with added sexy.

Jimi is the dope shit. No playing. Just saying.

Last week Jimi had releations with several supermodels, had lunch with Harvy Weinstein and his artwork illuminated Times Square when it was illumated in 50 storey-high video screens to launch Microsoft’s new paing App.

Now THAT’S what I’m talking about when I talk about a World Class Playuh.

Want to talk to Jimi? Call Jade, her number is on the contacts page. She is Jimi’s full-time commercial agent.

Jimi Crayon Collection:

  • Ny ~ Music
  • Beardyman ft Foreign Beggars ~ OH
  • Graffiti 6 ~ Stare Into The Sun
  • Devlin ~ Our Father
  • Pirates ~ We Are Pirates We Like Colour