15th FEBRUARY 2013 – Go and check out RUFFMERCY’S new joint for DAHLIA BLACK in our New Work. Definatly one not to be missed!

11th FEBRUARY 2013 – Busy Busy Busy! We are so proud to annouce the release of the first six ITV3 Idents that have been many months in the making by the animation guru’s TUNDRA & ANDERSEN M STUDIOS.
You can see them all on TUNDRA’S page.

SUPERELECTRIC has just joined the Factory, a brilliant new talent all the way from the Netherlands. Be sure to check him out.

3rd JANUARY 2013 – Happy New Year everybody! Hope you all had a well deserved break. Excited to release our recent projects with Franck Trebillac, Arran Shearing and Ruffmercy! Keep an eye out in the coming weeks!

27th NOVEMBER 2012 ~ The weather outside may be frightful but we are keeping in good spirits, especially from the news of Franck Trebillac winning a job with LA based Hardcore Punk band The Bronx.

7th NOVEMBER 2012 ~ So, Soup Factory is 1 year old! Happy us!

31st OCTOBER 2012 ~ Massive congratulations to Andy Soup and his wife Nina for the new addition to the family, Lola.

29th OCTOBER 2012 ~ Exciting times ahead folks!

11th OCTOBER 2012 ~ Apologies for the lack of posting, been up to our eyeballs for the last few months! After moving to our new offices off Upper Street, we spent a crazy ten days in New Orleans shooting the new Tinchy Stryder vid! Since then, we’ve also wrapped vids for DJ Shadow, Doctor P, ScHoolboy Q, Kryder and the new Devlin ft. Wretch 32 joint! Phew! Also extremely proud to announce our very own David M. Helman (with a little help from the fantastic RUFFMERCY) has just been nominated for a UKVMA in the Best International Urban Video category for Blu ft. U-God’s “DOINNOTHIN”

13th JULY 2012 ~ Following on from our last post just over a month ago… we’re being kicked out! We play music too loud and stay up in the office too late for our landlord’s liking… not very rock ‘n’ roll of Pink Floyd’s old creative home but whatevs… They’re just another brick in the wall.

8th JUNE 2012 ~ Soup Factory now has a shiny new place to call home! Excitingly, we’ve set up shop in Pink Floyd’s old recording studio… not too shabby at all!

15th MAY 2012 ~ SF crew are buzzing from today’s release of Messrs. video for the young master of the UK rap scene…. Devlin! It’s there for your viewing pleasure on our New Work page… check it!

14th APRIL 2012 ~ WoW yesterday might have been unlucky for some, but not for SF newbie Tim Craig who confirmed to shoot Elro’s future smash ‘Real World’ for 679. It’s worth pointing out that Tim scored this vid (his debut) with the first ever treatment he’s ever written. Obviously learning from a master.
Debuts seem a long time ago for Messrs. Toby & Giorgio, who are rapidly turning into the most prolific duo in town… Dudes just won the commision everyone wanted.. hottest of the summer – Devlin’s London part II. Keep watching cuz We. On. Fire.

13th APRIL 2012 ~ Listening to this:

Towa has just delivered the Nathalie Duncan video- it came out so pretty! Click on New Work to view. Jim’s Ny video just dropped- half a million hits and counting… Damn we makes it look easy!!

17th MARCH 2012 ~ Listening to this :

Theres a bunch of fun stuff going on too~ Jimi just shot for Lady Ny and Towa is in production on Natalie Duncan… wait to see the freshness premiered exclusively on this page…..soon..hopefully.

28th FEBRUARY 2012 ~ Pooped. We’re putting the finishing touches to Jake Harmer’s films for Illamasqua. 52 films in 8 days… Someone call The Guinness Book Of World Records! And wait ’til you see them… Glazer watch your back!!

21st FEBRUARY 2012 ~ Just got in from two days of making groovy movies with Messrs., Dot JR, G Frsh & Sincere

10th FEBRUARY 2012 ~ Our new music video rep, the smart and gorgeous Ali Cat from the band YYZ joins the Factory fams. Welcome Ali x

8th FEBRUARY 2012 ~ Great news: Messrs. Toby & Giorgio just landed a super-high profile set of videos for DOT JR (Tinie Tempah’s prodigy) for the Disturbing London label. First of the three shoots on the 20th – break a leg, lads!

JANUARY 2012 ~ WOW! Busy busy busy. So this month we’ve been super busy producing six videos for Paul Weller’s new album- the surprisingly psychedelic and experimental SONIK KICKS. Watch this space to check out this cohesive and colourful series of hi-concept eye candy coming soon…

17th DECEMBER 2011 ~Tis’ The Season For A Mashupathon, Tra La La La Laa La La La Laaa…. Soup Factory is feeing good cuz we just threw ‘The Best Christmas Party Ever’….and that is a fact. Nice one to Rondey P & Skitz, Joe Cool & CAAN, Mighty Whitey, Hot City and Agent O’ Tool for making the party sound NICEE!!

14th DECEMBER 2011 ~ OH. MY. GOSH!!! We just made the grimeiest Hip Hop video since ONYX made SLAM. Especially big Bigups go out to ZEETV & Mr Benny Banks’ mob for making it a top day. Watch out for the tasty new Messrs. joint coming soon….

10th DECEMBER 2011 ~ Soup Factory is stoked cos we just scored our first commission!! Messrs. be shooting a banger for the mighty Benny Banks & 679 Records this Wednesday!!

8th DECEMBER 2011 ~ We must be doing something right because snapper dapper, super SUPER director and top man in town BEN JONES and W.A.S. just moved in!!! This is the start of beautiful things…

28th NOVEMBER 2011 ~ Soup Factory is very happy to sign LA based director David M. Helman

NOVEMBER 2011 ~ Soup Factory Is Born!