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New Work

Blue Daisy Presents Dahlia Black – Fuck A Rap Song
Crystal Castles – Sad Eyes
ITV3 Idents – Story Collections
Joey Bada Ft. Chuck Strangers – Fromdatomb
Devlin Ft. Wretch 32 ~ Off With Their Heads
Doctor P ~ Galaxies & Stars (ft. Ce’Cile)
DJ Shadow
ScHoolboy Q

Andy Soup

andy-soup_onFounder of Soup Factory, Mr. Andy Soup is known for making consistently original and outlandish music videos. Often noted for their elaborate art direction, Mr Soup’s videos are the undefeated and unchallenged rulers of the strange league.

Andy’s most recent genre-defining masterpiece – ‘Put A Donk On It’ by Bolton rappers Blackout Crew – was named the Guardian guide’s favourite piece media from the whole of 2009.

Selected in the Best New Director category at the CADS (music video industry awards) in 2005 and twice nominated for Video Of The Year at the Q Magazine awards, Andy is regarded as one of the industry’s mavericks. When not flying around the planet making music videos, Andy can normally be found in his shed making music documentaries, commercials or TV shows.

Andy’s client list includes: The Streets, The Zutons, The Scissor Sisters, Basement Jaxx, Dannii Minogue, BBC, C4, Dell, Cinzano, Agent Provocateur and VBS/Vice Magazine.

Andy’s list includes:

  • Scissor Sisters – Don’t Feel Like Dancing
  • Agent Provocateur – Season Of The Witch
  • The Streets – Could Be Well In
  • Cinzano – Mix A Smile
  • Basement Jaxx ~ Feelings Gone
  • Blackout Crew – Put A Donk On It



Anthony Shurmer

anthony-shurmer_onSoup Factory is especially proud to have director Anthony Shurmer in our stable. Anthony is the luxury fashion brand insider’s go-to director. His exquisite lighting, cool manner and perfectly aligned eye for beauty make him the director models love to be shot by, and the results speak for themselves.

Anthony’s client list includes Mulberry, Dior, Ultimo, Agent Provocateur, Sony, Nike, GQ and Wonderland and his client list keeps on growing. He’s also shot the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Racia Oliveira, Gemma Arterton, Daisy Lowe, Lilly Allen and Sienna Miller, to name but a mere few.

Anthony Shurmer Collection:

  • Lana Del Rey – Video Games Corinthia Hotel
  • Del Rey – The Making of a Mulberry Icon
  • Rita Ora – My Girl Lollipop!
  • Rosie Huntington-Whitely for GQ ~ LA Woman
  • Gemma Arterton For GQ ~ This Year’s Girl
  • DIOR for Wonderland



Franck Trebillac

Franck Trebillac is a name to remember.

A rare and inspired artist, Paris-born Franck effortlessly turns genius cinematic concepts into ethereal, beautifully crafted films.

Soup Factory has the pleasure of representing the dapper Frenchman exclusively in the UK and Europe for commercials and music videos.

Franck Trebillac music videos:

  • DJ Shadow – Listen
  • Paul Weller ~ Dragonfly
  • Stretta ~ Calcus
  • Starkey ~ Open The Pod Bay Doors
  • Tricil ~ The Emancipation




Flying Monkeys

flying-monkeys_onFlying Monkeys is the live side of what Soup Factory does. Be it an intimate acoustic performance, a 10 year road documentary or a one off stadium show to a crowd of 100,000 – Flying Monkeys are the team to capture the vibes. The Soup Factory directors share an enormous amount of experience of shooting gigs and working closely alongside musicians to create the best and most appropriate visual representation of the artist and their performances.

Flying Monkeys List

Rupert Penry Jones – Bright Star
The Hives ~ Hives TV
The Boy Who Trapped The Sun – Home
Scissor Sisters – Journey To The Emerald City
Kasabian – Live
Cheryl Cole ~ Making Of The Album TVC

Mark Thomas

mark-thomas_onMark Thomas makes films of such exquisite beauty that they belong in art galleries. Mark is a multi-disciplinary artist, animator, photographer, visuals artist and filmmaker. Mark’s unique style which a critic might describe as ‘naturalistic-obso-cine-glitch-doc’ is truly his own. Soup Factory is brimming with pride to count him among our number and represent him for commercials, documentaries and music videos.

Mark’s happy clients include Elbow, Doves, The Verve and Take That amongst many, many others.

Introducing Liam Baily
Introducing Liam Baily
Take That – Progress DVD
Take That – Progress DVD
The Verve – Space & Time DVD
The Verve – Space & Time DVD